This was a New Mexico Mountain Club car camp to the Pecos area of the Santa Fe National Forest northeast of Santa Fe.  It was dubbed the "Lazy Days Car Camp" since there would be late starts for hikes and lots of time in the campground for resting, reading, etc.  We arrived at the Holy Ghost Campground around 3pm on Sunday, thus had our pick of sites since the crowds had already headed home after the weekend.

We did three hikes, one each on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  Shorter than "normal" but not necessarily "lazy" due to some steep uphills!  Lots of wildflowers were encountered, more than expected.  Sunday was a four mile hike up Grass Mountain with lots of meadows and views of distant mountains.  Monday Stef and I did our own 7+ mile hike to Mora Flats.  Tuesday was the final hike up to a couple of meadows north of the campground.  Again about 4 miles but very steep!  Wildflowers were plentiful with mostly yellow, white and light purple colors.

Cocktail hour and campfires are always anticipated and fun!  The weather was warmer than usual so the evening and morning temps were not bad (though it was 48 degrees Monday morning).  We returned to ABQ Tuesday afternoon, after a stop at the local Pecos town Dairy Queen for Blizzards!

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