Nancy's Grassy Peak July 2017

Sunday July 16, 2017 hike up "Nancy's Grassy Peak" outside of Silverton, Colorado.  That is just the nickname given to the unnamed peak by a local resident (though it did not seem very grassy at the top...).  Great weather and cool temperatures.

This was a wildflower weekend, not a peak weekend.  And there were loads of wildflowers, whole fields as you can see below, on this hike.  I need to spend some time and try to identify these beauties.

We contoured below bigger Ohio Peak, from left to right, to keep elevation gain to a minimum.  Total hike was less than 5 miles.  We tried to follow game trails but they were all over the place!  Side hilling can be a bit hard on the feet.

We did see 5 bucks with big antlers still covered with velvet, but no photos unfortunately.  They were a bit wary of us, but we still had nice views! 

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