Mount Ouray and Ptarmigan Lake

This was the first weekend in October, 2013.  We encountered a bit more snow than anticipated!  Our goal was the 13er Mount Ouray (13,971 feet), but decided the long boulder field to the top would be too icy and slippery in those conditions...   Motel "camping" in Salida Colorado.  Definitely too cold for regular camping.

Nice fall colors on the way to Ouray and not much snow from afar.  Then we got to the trailhead parking!  Nothing but snow, and pretty deep in places higher up.  We got to 12,700+ feet, then decided to bail.  Gorgeous weather but also a strong wind at higher elevations.  The ridge line to the top was looking a bit icy.

Since our main Saturday hike was cut short, we got in a shorter hike to Boss Lake on the road up to Monarch Pass.  Definitely not as much snow down lower.

Sunday's hike was to Ptarmigan Lake and the pass just above the lake.  Even more snow up high!  We were breaking trail up to the pass, almost knee deep snow.  Thought about the 13er Jones Mountain B above the pass, but again too much snow and wind.  Of course, the weather was superlative again (other than the wind high up) and the lake/snow images were great!

Turned out to be a great weekend of hiking!

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