Weekend hiking trip to Colorado July 20-22, 2018.  We slept in the Xterra both nights, Winfield camping area Friday and the Brown's Creek Trailhead Saturday.  Restrooms available at both sites of course!

Friday night dinner at the Eddyline Brewpub in Buena Vista:  Mushroom and Pesto Quinoa w/ Salmon, Spinach salad w/ strawberries, walnuts, etc.  Saturday night dinner at the Boathouse Cantina in Salida:  seared Ahi tuna tacos and Shredded Pork tacos, homemade Chili beans;  wine and micro brew both nights.  Yes, we were roughing it...

Good weather both days for the hikes, but clouds build up by noon.  Thunder by 11:50am on Saturday, though not close.  HEAVY thunderstorm on drive to Salida that afternoon.  Cleaned off the truck!

Lake Ann hike Saturday totaled about 8.7 miles and 1700+ feet vertical.  Gorgeous lake and mountain views w/ lots of wildflowers.  14er Huron dominated the valley.  We climbed that one back in 2012.  Sundays hike was on the CDT (Continental Divide Trail) north from Monarch Pass right off US 50 highway.  6.6 miles and 1200+ feet vertical.  Goes along the top of the Monarch Ski area.

Loved the cooler weather!  In the 40's at 7am Saturday morning at 10,000+ feet.  Back home around 5pm Sunday, 100+ degrees, ugh.

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