Another badlands exploratory hike on Tuesday October 15 2019.  We could not pass up the gorgeous blue skies and upper 60's weather.  The "Black Place" was an inspiration area for some of Georgia O'keefe's paintings.  While nobody is sure where the "Black Place" is actually located, this could be it!  About 110 miles up US 550 from Bernalillo so very easy to get to.  Lots of beautiful badlands scenery with grey/black rolling hills and a few hoodoos thrown in here and there.  Looks very desolate and empty in places.

Updated this gallery two weeks later.  We did another Black Place hike on Tuesday October 29, exploring the west section this time.  Twice and we STILL have not covered all that was on the original exploratory route!  Gorgeous blue skies again though a good bit cooler this time.  New pictures are after the mid-gallery title image below.

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